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Become an Organized Teacher in 2015

The easiest way to have organized all important data about students during the school year is through a portfolio that includes:

2015 calendar (mine is from Honduras)

Schedule Diagnostic test (It is applied to know students´ level)

Learning styles test (to know if students learn in a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory way)


Students list Parents´ contact numbers

Student´s address list

Students’ birth date and ages Registration

Format for classwork and homework Registration

Format for students´ participation

Attendance list

Registration of students´ behavior

Parents’ meetings formats (Mines are in Spanish because parents probably don´t know English) Lesson Plans You´ll need this per class or grade.



Dealing with Student´s Emotional Problems

There are plenty of factors that lead students to emotional imbalance such as:

parents divorce

domestic abuse

father´s abandonment

bullying at school



When a student´s behavior changes

First; we should ask parents about his/her behavior at home and express them our concern about it specially if he /she turns violent.

After talking with parents send the student to the psychologist (but with parents authorization):

If you work for a private institution probably it has a psychologist, so you should talk and collaborate with he/she.


But if you work in a public school and parents are moneyless or poor send them to:

a CLIPEC (some CLIPECs have psychologists)

a Hospital (at San Pedro Sula: Mario Catarino Rivas or Leonardo Martinez)

There´s another option in San Pedro Sula: Community Center San Juan de Dios (Contact Numbers: 94686195 – 25539973 – 25566764)

It´s located at Residencial Palos verdes, 8a. Avenida S.O. 37 Calle, 600 metros después del INFOP

Also you can visit its facebook page, click here

Honduras Educational Reality

Honduras is an underdeveloped small country located in Central America….it has 8,260,749 inhabitants with poor education.

And that has been probably the Achilles heel of this nation.

The mediocre educational system has been characterized by:

1. Public schools that have teachers with a bachelor degree; but they are really old, outdated and sick.

2. private schools have teachers who recently graduated from high school.

3. There´s a lack of basic teaching resources in public and private schools.


so that´s why  I have created this blog to give you some tips to be updated or to help you if you are starting to teach.

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